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Ilkka  Pyy

Ilkka Pyy

Visiting Researcher

My field of interest is political and social geography. My research focuses on the changing role of municipalities as a small-scale society. I teach the courses of history and methodology of geography and critical everyday human geographies.

Department of Geographical and Historical Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies

Enclosed lecture courses, my essential duty is a weekly research seminar in Human Geography, in which I supervise both Bachelors’ thesis and Masters’ thesis. For me, the fieldwork is also highly important geographical method of learning and that is why I have coordinated two decades a Nordic-Baltic network, which moderates intensive two-week course in a yearly basis. Course themes and venues varies according to ongoing research projects. My research deals with polity changes of the welfare state, core-periphery relations and rural/regional development policies as well as the politics of local involvement, service provision and environmental concern. Currently, my research focuses on the impacts of green and silver economies for urban and land use planning in urban and rural areas. Finally yet importantly, I act as tutor teacher for Masters’ degree Human Geography students and work in departmental group for developing teaching.


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