Jarkko  Suhonen

Jarkko Suhonen

Staff Scientist

Faculty of Science, Forestry and Technology, School of Computing

jarkko.suhonen@uef.fi | +358 50 435 8927

050 4358927
050 435 8927
+358 50 435 8927
+35850 435 8927
050 4358 927
+358 50 4358 927
+35850 4358 927
+358 50 4358927
+35850 4358927

I started working at the University of Joensuu in 2000 when I was finalizing my master’s studies in Computer Science. I received a PhD degree, also in Computer Science, from the University of Joensuu in 2005. Currently, my primary work duties are to give study counseling to supervise doctoral students in the Technologies for Learning and Development research group, coordinate  IMPDET online doctoral studies, and also teach. Furthermore, I’m a contact person for computer science in the LUMETO doctoral programme, and I’m also involved in the ICT-study path collaboration initiative between UEF, Karelia University of Applied Sciences, and Savonia University of Applied Sciences.

My research interests include:

  • online, hybrid, and multi-modal learning in higher education
  • digital learning and learning technologies
  • computing education, and
  • ICT for development (ICT4D)

In the study year 2022-2023, I’m teaching the following courses: Orientation to University Studies, Basics of ICT for Sustainable Development, and Research Methods in Computer Science.