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Jenni  Lahtinen

Jenni Lahtinen

Doctoral Researcher

Department of Social Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies | +358 50 340 7361

050 3407361
050 340 7361
+358 50 340 7361
+35850 340 7361
050 3407 361
+358 50 3407 361
+35850 3407 361
+358 50 3407361
+35850 3407361

I am a doctoral researcher at the department of social sciences. My dissertation locates in the fields of youth studies and sociology and it deals with vocational students well-being from the perspective of Capability -approach and ecological sustainability.  The aim of the research is to hear young people’s own perceptions of their well-being and examine how vocational education supports young people’s opportunities to live a life they have reason to value. In addition the objective is to find out, how ecological boundaries emerge in the young people’s perceptions of their own well-being. The practices of vocational education to promote opportunities for just and sustainable well-being are analyzed.

My previous research projects has dealt with participation and belonging at child welfare services, young peoples’ experiences and well-being in the times of Covid-19 and young peoples’ educational choices as well as equality in carrier guidance.