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Jenni  Mölkänen

Jenni Mölkänen

Postdoctoral Researcher

Social and cultural anthropology, Madagascar, Africa, environmental conservation, ecotourism, land, kinship, rituals, gift and debt | +358 50 478 3455

I am a postdoctoral researcher in Climate crisis and religious change in sub-Saharan Africa funded by Kone Foundation. My research focus is in northeastern Madagascar where conserved tropical forest area with exceptional biodiversity diminishes and people do not get as good harvests as they have gotten before because of a too intensive cultivation cycle or too little rain. In this context Christian churches have promoted projects restraining climate change. In my sub-project I focus on the Tsimihety rice and vanilla farmers and how they perceive environmental and development projects of the churches that can conflict for example with practices reproducing Tsimihety social organisation.


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