Associate Professor

(tenure track), Title of Docent (LUT University, Finland)

The larger question I am involved in solving through my research is: how to enable a less resource-dependent sustainable economy by means of digitalisation and sustainable circular economy and to, hereby, renew the operations of companies as well as create new and new kind of jobs. First, my focus within the question is on organisational renewal and digital transformation i.e. how to manage work and innovation in a digital world. Secondly, my research focuses on sustainable entrepreneurship based on (digital) business models i.e. how entrepreneurs come up with and commercialise sustainable innovations to achieve sustainability goals. Thirdly, my research focuses on organisational development i.e. how to manage innovation in organisations with special focus on enhancing knowledge sharing and encouraging innovation behaviour in organisations.

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Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies, Business School




+358 50 435 2664


Teaching Activities

Starting a new business -course (in Finnish only), Candidate seminar (innovation management), Innovation management research, candidate, master's thesis and doctoral thesis supervision

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