Kaisa  Näkki

Kaisa Näkki

Grant-funded Researcher

kaisa.nakki@uef.fi | +358 46 921 9524

046 9219524
046 921 9524
+358 46 921 9524
+35846 921 9524
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+358 46 9219 524
+35846 9219 524
+358 46 9219524
+35846 9219524

Kaisa Näkki (attorney-at-law, trained on the bench, LL.M) is a PhD Student. She writes her multidisciplinary, empirical doctoral thesis about ”The many faces of dementias – A research of assessing the need of legal guardians”.

Näkki is researching under what circumstances a person with dementia is considered legally incapable and needs a legal guardian – especially if he or she has other cognitive or neuropsychiatric symptoms or signs than classical memory deficits. An essential research question is how the perspectives of medical professionals and legal professionals differ on this matter. The aim of the research is to improve due process of people with dementia. The second aim is to clarify good practices of doctor’s certificates from legal point of view and harmonize how documents are evaluated in District Courts.

Näkki is also a member of the network of elder law experts VAASI. Furthermore, Näkki works as an attorney-at-law in a law firm.


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