Katariina  Kotila

Katariina Kotila

Grant-funded Researcher

Master of Social Sciences, PhD student at UEF. Human geography, geography of home, emotions, gender.

Karelian Institute, Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies

katariina.kotila@uef.fi | +358 50 573 4796

050 5734796
050 573 4796
+358 50 573 4796
+35850 573 4796
050 5734 796
+358 50 5734 796
+35850 5734 796
+358 50 5734796
+35850 5734796

In my PhD research, I explore how the experiences and feelings of loneliness intertwine with home: how home is lived, experienced and felt during both the transforming moments in life and the everyday. My focus is on young adults. I aim to explore what loneliness does in the relationship of young adults and their home.

My Master’s degree is in Human Geography and I have minored in Gender Studies, Literature, Environmental Politics, Philosophy and Finnish. I am interested in a wide range of topics around how we as humans experience different aspects of our lives and our everyday and how this is framed by our society and culture.


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