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Researcher in the WoCuE (Changing Workplace Cultures in the Knowledge Intensive Sector in Europe) – project.

My expertise and interests relate to sales, sales leadership and innovativeness, as well as workplace and organizational culture. In my doctoral dissertation, I focus on the innovativeness of sales organizations and the factors influencing it from the perspective of management, leadership and culture, and the impact of innovative activity on sales teams and the organization. In the project I work as a researcher, we focus on identifying and developing the key features of the workplace culture of small and growing ICT companies in a digitalizing society where business practices and culture change. The framework of the company observation is formed of the basic assumptions, values and artefacts related to organizational culture and the identification of the company identities. As a researcher, I am inspired by interdisciplinary collaboration and approaches intending to understand the future. I also teach the International Sales Work course in the International Business and Sales Management master’s degree program.

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Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies, Business School




+358 50 566 9461


Teaching Activities

A teacher in the International Sales Work course, which is a part of the Master’s Degree Program in International Business and Sales Management. The topics of the course are related to international sales, sales strategies, customer relations, and sales management and leadership.

Research groups and research projects

International Business and Sales Management – research group
Intellectual Capital Management – research group

WoCuE-project: Changing workplace cultures in the knowledge intensive sector in Europe – New work, work values, methods and management. ESF-funded. Project researcher.
Changing workplace cultures: International perpective. ESF-funded. Project researcher.

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