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Katja  Lötjönen

Katja Lötjönen

Project Researcher

Department of Social Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies | +358 50 525 1743

I work as a researcher in the research project Intergroup relations and local encounters – Immigrant and Finnish young people’s perceptions of each other, their lives and future in multicultural Savo. In addition, I am working on my doctoral dissertation on young people’s  lay perceptions related to social classes and their agency. I also teach part-time in the subject of social psychology.

My research interests are related to themes of inequality and young people, viewed from the young people’s own point of view, in the way how they themselves perceive society and what kind of connection these lay perceptions have on how they perceive their opportunities and alternatives in their own lives. Methodologically, I am interested in mixed method research and especially its integrative approach.

Pedagogically, I am interested in developing multi-modal teaching, especially in an online environment, in the way that it supports meaningful learning for students from different backgrounds. Also developing more diverse evaluation methods in online teaching is one of my core interests.


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