Senior Researcher

Senior Researcher, project researcher (BP-Pain), Title of Docent in Experimental Neurophysiology

My background is in biomedicine, which I studied at the University of Uppsala, Sweden, where I graduated 2005. At the beginning of 2006, I started as a research assistant at the newly initiated navigated TMS lab at Kuopio University Hospital, and since then I have had the privilege to work in numerous projects with different topics.

Currently, I am working in a project aiming to elucidate the neuroplastic capacity in osteoarthritis and recovery after operation.

My aim is to improve methods and practices in non-invasive brain stimulation.

Contact info


Faculty of Science and Forestry, Department of Applied Physics



+358 50 518 9036


Teaching Activities

Visiting lecturer at Savonia University of Applied Sciences. Practical demonstrations on TMS at neurosurgery course for medical students.

Research groups and research projects

Adolescent And Alcohol Project Clinical Epilepsy Research, EPM1 rTMS in treatment of chronic pain Fitbrain, Physical fitness, lifestyle and the adolescent brain

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