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Lauri  Stenroth

Lauri Stenroth

Senior Researcher

Title of docent in the field of biomechanics, especially human movement biomechanics | +358 50 564 9096

I currently work as a Senior Researcher at the Department of Technical Physics. I am a sport scientist by education with a specialization in biomechanics. My research is related to the structure and function of the human musculoskeletal system with applications in musculoskeletal diseases and human performance throughout the lifespan. I use various experimental techniques including motion capture, electromyography, medical imaging, and tissue-level mechanical testing in combination with computational modelling and simulation to address the research questions. My current research focus areas are knee osteoarthritis, mobility in old age and tendon disorders.

I am part of the Biophysics research group and I actively work also with the Biosignal Analysis and Medical Imaging research group utilizing HUMEA Laboratory in my research. I hold the title of docent from the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Eastern Finland, at which I actively collaborate with the Sports and Exercise Medicine discipline.


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