Senior Researcher

DSocSc, Adjunct Professor; Senior Researcher, Regional and Rural Studies

Main research interests: 1. Gender and Space: feminist rural studies, farm women, entrepreneurship, motherhood and childcare in the countryside; 2. Imagined and Lived Rural Space: changing rural communities, sense of place, everyday life and mobility patterns in rural areas; 3. Cultural Geographies of Home: domestic material cultures of Karelian people; 4. Land Use Planning in the Countryside: sparsity, living in low density areas; 5. Geographies of Food: local food and second home owners; 6. Rural Services: integration of services.

Courses: Feminist Geography, 5116378, 5 cr; Rural Geography, 5116228, 5 cr (lectures in Finnish).
Editor of TERRA, Geographical journal

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Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies, Karelian Institute



+358 50 442 3661


Societal Activities

Expert in the Rural Policy Committee Networks, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

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