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Maria  Takala-Roszczenko

Maria Takala-Roszczenko

Deputy Head of School

Associate Professor

I am the associate professor (tenure track) of Orthodox church music at the UEF School of Theology. As the deputy head of the School of Theology, I am in charge of the study programme of Orthodox theology.

School of Theology, Philosophical Faculty | +358 50 380 4609

My work consists of teaching and researching in the School of Theology. In my doctoral dissertation (2013), I investigated the Latinization of the Eastern Rite liturgy in the 17th-18th-century Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the context of the Feast of the Holy Eucharist (Corpus Christi). My research interests today include, for example, the development of Finnish Orthodox translating, publishing, and music activities in the 19th-20th centuries, and the meaning of music in experiencing worship and converting to Orthodoxy. I am in the editorial board of three academic journals: Ortodoksia, The Journal of the International Society for Orthodox Church Music, and

My lectures focus on different aspects of Eastern Rite church music. I teach students of church music and theology from basic to advanced level. I also supervise master’s theses and doctoral dissertations (within SCE doctoral programme) on Orthodox church music.

I am the vice-chairperson of the International Society for Orthodox Church Music. I am also a board member and treasurer of the Finnish Society for Byzantine Music. From the spring of 2021, I have also been a board member of Filantropia (Orthodox Church Aid and Mission).


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