Professor, Educational Science

Educational psychology, research on motivation and learning; PhD, docent of educational psychology

My reserach focuses on the interplay between students' motivation, learning, and well-being, and particularly on their developmental and situational dynamics. Also the releationships between the development of math skills and motivation as well as math-related educational pathways and choices are of specific interest to me.

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Philosophical Faculty, School of Applied Educational Science and Teacher Education


Teaching Activities

Educational psychology, quantitative research methods, PhD studies

Research groups and research projects

Our research collective (Motivation, Learning, and Well-Being; MoLeWe) includes researchers and PhD students from the University of Eastern Finland, University of Helsinki, and University of Oslo. Our research topics range from temperament to the development of mathematical thinking, from the neural correlates of error-related processing to perfectionism, and from classroom study experiences to cultural differences in motivation. Among other things.

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