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Senior Lecturer in Philosophy

Markku Oksanen is Senior Lecturer in philosophy at department of social sciences, Kuopio. Oksanen has been Academy Research Fellow (2009-14) and Academy Post-Doc Researcher (1999-2002) and many temporary posts before completing the doctoral studies at University of Turku in 1998. Doctoral studies also at Cardiff University (1992-93) and post-doc studies at Lancaster University (2000). Shorter research visits to the Netherlands, Canada, Great Britain and the USA. Oksanen was a member/vicemember of Animal Experiment Board in Finland (2006-18) and Council on the protection of animals used for scientific or educational purposes TOKES (2013-18). Current research interest include environmental human rights and rights of nature, philosophical aspects of conservation science, philosophy of climate change and the interface of morality and politics in Finnish eduskunta.

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