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Matti  Niemi

Matti Niemi


Professor in Property Law. A teacher and a scholar in the areas of property law and contract law. A scholar in the areas of legal philosophy, legal theory and comparative property law. A researcher both on the national and international levels

Law School, Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies | +358 46 920 9571

I work as a property law professor at the Law School of the University of Eastern Finland. My teaching contains courses and seminars in the area of property law. I act as a docent at the law faculties of the universities of Helsinki and Lapland where I give lectures. In addition, I act as a docent of jurisprudence at the law faculty of the University of Turku, and I give lectures at the School of Business and Management of the LUT university (Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology). My research activities are directed to both property law and jurisprudence. In property law, my publications are located in the areas of real property law, security law and contract law. In jurisprudence, my publications are located both in the areas of legal philosophy and legal theory. In addition to my homeland, I am orientated towards international research. I act in the working groups of the Common Core of European Private Law Research Project. Books and articles are published in the frames of the project. They are located in the areas of comparative property and contract law. I participate in domestic and international conferences and I make research visits to European universities.


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