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Merja  Lyytikäinen

Merja Lyytikäinen

University Lecturer

I am responsible for transferable skills courses at UEF Doctoral School.

Student and Learning Services, University Services | +358 50 360 6382

The main task is to implement and coordinate the teaching of transferable skills at the UEF Doctoral School. I am a responsible teacher or a teacher in eight courses:

  • Orientation for doctoral researchers
  • Research project management
  • Research supervision
  • Job searching tools for doctoral researchers
  • Career planning portfolio for doctoral researchers
  • Business for doctoral researchers
  • Seminar for doctoral researchers and their supervisors
  • Research ethics

My other duties include e.g.

  • peer mentoring activities of the Doctoral School: training and organisation of peer mentors
  • maintenance of the Kamu pages of the Doctoral School sand the Heimo pages related to grants
  • implementation of a survey for doctoral researchers every two years and analysis of the results
  • development tasks related to the doctoral training of the YUFE Alliance
  • general development activities related to doctoral education
  • tasks of a research integrity adviser


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