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Miika  Suhonen

Miika Suhonen

Doctoral Researcher

Department of Technical Physics, Faculty of Science, Forestry and Technology

I am an Early Stage Researcher working on a PhD thesis called “Photoacoustic tomography in a heterogeneous medium”. Photoacoustic tomography is an imaging method based on photoacoustic affect created by an externally introduced light pulse. It combines the benefits of both optical and acoustic imaging. The applications include, for example, imaging tissue vasculature and small animal imaging.

Often in photoacoustics, propagation of acoustic waves is assumed to happen in a homogeneous medium. This is not always the case and hence, by modelling the wave propagation in a heterogeneous medium, more accurate estimates could be obtained. The objective of my thesis is to form a photoacoustic model which allows the estimation of photoacoustic images in a heterogeneous medium.


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