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Moritz  Albrecht

Moritz Albrecht

Associate Professor


Department of Geographical and Historical Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies | +358 50 337 1783

050 3371783
050 337 1783
+358 50 337 1783
+35850 337 1783
050 3371 783
+358 50 3371 783
+35850 3371 783
+358 50 3371783
+35850 3371783

I am a human-geographer specialized on relational aspect of environmental and sustainability governance. My core expertise is to study socio-spatial processes of bio-based resource policy, management and local materialization to evaluate development frameworks, barriers and alternatives. I am experienced in research on policy mobility and translations in an EU context, case studies on regional and local development and policy materialization as well as sustainability perspectives in economic contexts.

I am currently also acting as the coordinator of the SOBIO network at UEF on social scientific bioeconomy focused research .

Current research project: “Sustainability governance of BioAssemblages: A trifold perspective on bioeconomy clusters in the making” (2017-2019)
Other project: Karelia CBC; WasteLess Karelias (Project coordinator) (2018-2021)

Previous research:
-EU bioenergy policy design and transformation between Brussels and local implementation
-Perspectives on sustainable forest certification in European supply chains
-Cross-border management of natural resources.


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