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Nina  Tusa

Nina Tusa

University Teacher

I work mainly as the head of education in the Wellbeing services county of North Savo, Educational Services, and I am in charge of developing general practise specialist training and organizing training for trainers at the YTA in eastern Finlan...

Institute of Public Health and Clinical Nutrition, School of Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences

My dissertation study concerns the impact of the participatory care plan. The study includes 605 patients with hypertension, coronary artery disease or diabetes from the Siilinjärvi health centre. We have followed the clinical parameters of patients and their health-related quality of life for three years. The follow-up will continue as a registry survey. My dissertation is due to be completed in the autumn of ’23. Our research team could still accommodate 1-2 doctoral researchers, so feel free to contact us what research is of interest.


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