Postdoctoral Researcher

postdoc researcher, managing measurement devices at HUMEA lab.

Paavo has strong experience in conducting measurements and developing data analysis methods for biomechanical motion analysis. Motion capture system, force platforms, instrumented treadmill, wearable IMU-sensors and EMG measurement systems are equipment that he is putting into practise.

In addition to motion laboratory, he is developing software for robot-assisted rehabilitation environment. Also developing laboratory hardware of all four laboratories of the research group with technical experts is his duty.

Paavo is conduction musculoskeletal modelling in OpenSim-platform to analyze knee contact forces and muscle activations. Current research interests include analysis on patient-specific rehabilitation of knee osteoarthritis and analysis of muscle forces at sports movements such as dance and ski-jump takeoff.

In 2020 Paavo is involved in two projects, in which robotics is applied in welfare services and stroke rehabilitation.

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Faculty of Science and Forestry, Department of Applied Physics


Teaching Activities

Image Analysis exercises, including basics of photogrammetry.

Research groups and research projects

Biosignal Analysis and Medical Imaging Group, HUMEA-laboratory

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