Piritta  Parkkari

Piritta Parkkari

Project Researcher

Impact Manager (Neuro-Innovation PhD Programme), Reseacher (HIWE project) and Innovation Specialist (ATY 2.0)

Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies, Business School

piritta.parkkari@uef.fi | +358 50 305 8346

050 3058346
050 305 8346
+358 50 305 8346
+35850 305 8346
050 3058 346
+358 50 3058 346
+35850 3058 346
+358 50 3058346
+35850 3058346

As an Impact Manager in the Neuro-Innovation PhD Programme, my job is to make sure the programme reaches it impact goals. I support our PhD researchers and act as a connector between the project, PhD researchers, supervisors, partners and other stakeholders.

As a researcher in the High-skilled internationals: bottom-up insights into policy innovation for work and entrepreneurship in Finland (HIWE) research project, I do research on how highly skilled internationals experience working and living in Finland.

As an Innovation Specialist in the ATY 2.0 project, my task is developing and piloting a new model for patient and public involvement (PPI) for UEF’s Brain Research Unit.

I am part of the Innovation Management (INNO) research group and NOVA Neuro-Impact and Innovation research team.