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Raihanatul  Jannat

Raihanatul Jannat

Project Researcher

Law School, Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies | +358 50 502 3862

Raihanatul Jannat is a doctoral candidate at the UEF Law School, supervised by Dr. Yulia Yamineva and Dr. Seita Romppanen. Her PhD research explores the role transnational environmental law (TEL) can play in building climate resilient development (CRD) of women. Through her research, Raihanatul aims to conduct comparative case studies on Bangladesh and the Finnish Arctic. Raihanatul is also the coordinator of the Center for Climate Change, Environment, and Energy Law (CCEEL) and is a member of the Climate Change and International Environmental Law research group from CCEEL. Raihanatul’s other research interests include climate justice, environmental justice and minority and human rights.