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Saara  Koikkalainen

Saara Koikkalainen

Senior Researcher

Cultural encounters, mobilities and borders (BOMOCULT)

Karelian Institute, Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies | +358 50 314 1246

I work as a university researcher in the Cultural encounters, mobilities and borders (CULTCHANGE) -profile area (2020-2023). My research focuses on various mobility phenomana in Europe, such as on the experiences of Nordic migrants in London during the Brexit era and mobility caused by the war in Ukraine. This research has also been funded by the Kone foundation, the Alfred Kordelinin Foundation and the Kansan sivistysrahasto -foundation. My PhD (University of Lapland 2013) examined the labour market experiences of highly skilled Finns in the European labour markets. I have published also on migration decision making, the labour market position of return migrants, intra-European mobility and Iraqi asylum seekers in Finland.


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