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Simo  Mikkonen

Simo Mikkonen


Professor of sociocultural remembering

School of Humanities, Philosophical Faculty | +358 50 308 8124

I am specialist in 20th Century Eastern European, particularly Soviet cultural history, cultural diplomacy of the Cold War era, and memory studies. I have published extensively on cultural, international and transnational East-West connections, particularly from the Soviet perspective, including edited volumes Beyond the Curtain: Entangled Histories of the Cold War-Era Europe (Berghahn 2015), Music, Art, and Diplomacy: East-West Cultural Interactions and the Cold War (Routledge 2016), as well as Entangled East and West. Cultural Diplomacy and Artistic Interaction during the Cold War (Degruyter 2019). I have also authored a multi-author monograph Networking the Russian Diaspora: Russian Musicians and Musical Activities in Interwar Shanghai (Hawaii UP 2019). My current research involves cultural resistance against the Soviet central authorities especially in the Baltic republics during the late Soviet period.