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Suvi-Tuuli  Puharinen

Suvi-Tuuli Puharinen

Doctoral Researcher

Doctoral researcher in EU environmental law, particularly water, marine, biodiversity and sustainable corporate governance law.

Law School, Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies | +358 50 449 4701

050 4494701
050 449 4701
+358 50 449 4701
+35850 449 4701
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+35850 4494 701
+358 50 4494701
+35850 4494701

Suvi-Tuuli Puharinen is a doctoral researched in the field of EU environmental law, with a particular focus on water, marine, biodiversity and sustainable corporate governance law. Her doctoral research focuses on EU water and marine environmental law and addresses the theme of normative environmental quality objectives as a regulatory strategy in EU environmental law. Her research interests also encompass the role of law in sustainability transition, sustainable finance, and human rights and environmental responsibility in corporate governance. In her academic work, Puharinen has published scientific articles and governmental inquiries on several topics relating to EU and national environmental law, particularly water and marine environmental law, (marine) biodiversity protection, climate change adaptation, environmental liability, and sustainable corporate governance law, as well as more theoretical research on adaptive governance and law.

Puharinen also participates to the work of different research projects. Her teaching activities focus on EU and national water and marine environmental law. Puharinen has an extensive experience in interdiciplinary and international collaboration in relation to research, teaching and project work. She is also an editor for the Finnish Environmental Law Review.


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