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Suvianna Hakalehto


Professor of law (child law and education law)
Phone: +358 400947228
Twitter: @S_Hakalehto

Law School, Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies | +358 50 576 5813

Suvianna Hakalehto is professor of law teaching tort law, child law and education law. The topic of her PhD thesis from the University of Helsinki (2008) was tort liability of public authorities. Since 2010 the main focus of Suvianna’s research has been children’s rights. Her post doctoral study (2012) was on pupils’ rights at school.

Suvianna is interested in the special legal status of a minor in various context (family, school, health care etc) and the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in Finland. Her recent publications are from the field of education law (school discipline, inclusion, supervision of education providers). She is now writing a book on children’s rights in early childhood education and care.

Suvianna has been training lawyers as well as professionals on several fields on tort law and children’s rights more than twenty years. She was one of the founders of Child Law Lawyers and was a chair of the association 2013-2020.



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