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Syamili  Manoj Santhi

Syamili Manoj Santhi

Doctoral Researcher

School of Forest Sciences, Faculty of Science, Forestry and Technology | +358 50 431 2332

The potential for forests to contribute to happiness and well-being has gained attention among the scientific community during the pandemic. Even during the pandemic, Finland remained as the happiest country consecutively for 5 years. In this context, I started my doctoral studies in University of Eastern Finland (UEF), wondering whether the amazing bond Finns share with boreal forests plays a role to make the country the world’s happiest. I am examining how the proximity, socio-cultural use and structure of Finnish forests reflected in the happiness and well-being experienced by people in Finland and thereby attempting to develop a forest happiness index.

While doing my masters in Bangor University, UK, I learnt more about urban forests and got exposed to the practice of nature prescriptions for people well-being. My interest in urban forests and well-being was piqued by the field trip to a hospital in the UK having a distinctive design that allows patients to view the greenspace. These exposures helped me to develop my doctoral research plan and here I am in the world’s happiest nation to explore about the forest-related happiness.

Research interests
Urban forests
Greenspace and well-being
Citizen science
Biodiversity conservation (taxa: birds and amphibians)







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