Visiting Professor

Visiting Professor of International Business

This is an Endowed Professorship (20% position)- involving research and teaching in the Master’s and Doctoral programmes. I am a member of the Forest Based Bioeconomy project (Academy of Finland funding) with Professor Mika Gabrielsson as the Principle Investigator, University of Eastern Finland. This is a multi-country study that includes Finland, Sweden and New Zealand.
I am also a Visiting Professor in the Department of Business Studies at Uppsala University, Sweden and a Visiting Professor at Gothenburg University, Sweden.

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Teaching Activities

Qualitative Research in International Business and Sales

Societal Activities

My research findings have been used by business practitioners and policy advisors to help with their decision making and training. My in-depth research interviews involve extensive discussions with CEO’s, international business/marketing managers and policy makers. During the interviews these participants also benefit from the detailed questioning, which encourages them to reflect on the decisions they make and on the strategic direction of their businesses. In addition, I disseminate emerging findings in seminars to business practitioners and policy makers.

Research groups and research projects

My research interests focus on discovering how entrepreneurial firms make decisions about entering foreign markets and the business networks and strategies they use to succeed. I have extensive experience with cross-country research as I have collaborated with researchers from several countries, in particular from Sweden and Finland. I have received prestigious research grants from New Zealand, Sweden and Finland to fund these research projects.
I have published widely in such journals as Journal of International Business Studies, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Journal of World Business, Industrial Marketing Management, Regional Studies, Journal of International Marketing, European Journal of Marketing, International Business Review, International Small Business Journal, as well as several chapters in edited books.