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As an Anatomist here at Institute of Biomedicine, UEF, I am proud to offer a Cornerstone signature about the human body, however only question that matters at the end is: how to teach anatomy? Not all content is equal; not all content is worth teaching in a textbook and not all content is equally important. I try to show examples, how to prioritize and use the precious little time students have, to achieve their best results. Flipped Classroom Matters a Lot!
As a "Molecular Morphologist", I choose Kaarniranta`s AMD research group because of its exceptional and diverse projects, and its world-class science in Age-related Macular Degeneration. I am genuinely passionate about AMD research and can’t wait to start attacking problems that I have encountered. This often means that I’ll be debating methods and working through solutions while in the shower or over breakfast.

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In a world where so many distractions compete for the attention of medical and dental students, preclinical educators have a heavier task. Blended learning allows teachers to meet students where they are in the digital world.
But it also enables for an Anatomist the flexibility to bring students back into the world of real human cadaver contact and basic science in times when/if needed.

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Part of Kai Kaarniranta’s AMD research group.

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