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Taru  Kesävuori

Taru Kesävuori

Doctoral Researcher

Business School, Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies | +358 50 475 4649

050 4754649
050 475 4649
+358 50 475 4649
+35850 475 4649
050 4754 649
+358 50 4754 649
+35850 4754 649
+358 50 4754649
+35850 4754649

Taru Kesävuori is a Doctoral Researcher in the University of Eastern Finland, Business School. She works in the Neuro-impact and innovation (NOVA) research team that produces knowledge on collaborative research and innovation strategies in the field of neuroscience. Taru works in the DATASLEEP research project that looks into the developing field of sleep research and innovation. Utilizing the theoretical perspective of innovation management the project aims to increase understanding of the diversity of sleep ecosystem actors and shed light on the underlying factors, structures, rules, and values that shape the research and innovation activities in the sleep field.

Taru obtained a BSc in Mathematics from Helsinki University in 2010 and a MSc in International Design Business Management from Aalto University in 2013. Her primary research interest lies in the datafication of society and its impacts on health R&I practices and infrastructure.


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