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Taru  Peltola

Taru Peltola


Naturecultures studies

Department of Geographical and Historical Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies | +358 50 569 8147

I am an environmental social scientist having background in environmental policy studies. My research topics have ranged from energy, forest biodiversity, wolves and other wildlife to food and waste issues. Currently my work is focused on water and plastics in the society. My research interest encompasses human-nature relations and the politics of environmental knowledge, including epistemic power relations and knowledge controversies. I am also exploring citizen engagement and agency in sustainability transformations. In addition to environmental policy studies I am inspired by science and technology studies, especially posthumanist and pragmatist approaches attending to non-human natures as well as corporeality and materialities in social scientific inquiry. Thereby, I am interested in the role of affects and emotions in environmental governance, human-wildlife cohabitation and care of things. In my work, I have also had a chance to experiment with science-art collaborations.

Ongoing projects:

PlastLIFE SIP (2023-2029)

Sense of Water (2022-2026)

Public Science (2021-2025)

Recent publications:

Peltola T, Saarela S-R, Kotilainen J, Litmanen T, Lukkarinen J, Pölönen I, Ratamäki O, Saarikoski H, Salo M & Vikström S (2023) Researcher roles in  collaborative governance interventions. Science and Public Policy,

Peltola T & Ratamäki O (2023) Sharing epistemic power: digitally mediated wolf monitoring in Finland. Science as Culture,

Peltola T, Arpin I, Leino J, Peltonen L, Salmi P & Ratamäki O (2023) Management plans as resources in conservation conflicts. Environmental Policy and Governance 33(2), 206-218.

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I also work at the Finnish Environment Institute, Societal Change Unit


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