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Taru  Peltola

Taru Peltola

Associate Professor

Social sustainability

Department of Geographical and Historical Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies | +358 50 569 8147

050 5698147
050 569 8147
+358 50 569 8147
+35850 569 8147
050 5698 147
+358 50 5698 147
+35850 5698 147
+358 50 5698147
+35850 5698147

I am an environmental social scientist specialising on environmental policy. My research topics have ranged from energy, forest biodiversity, wolves and other wildlife to food and waste issues. My research interest encompasses human-nature relations and the politics of environmental knowledge, including epistemic power relations and knowledge controversies. I am also exploring citizen engagement and agency in sustainability transformations. In addition to environmental policy studies I am inspired by science and technology studies, especially posthumanist and pragmatist approaches calling for attention to non-human natures as well as corporeality and materialities in social scientific inquiry. Thereby, I am interested in the role of affects and emotions in environmental governance, human-wildlife cohabitation and care of things. In my work, I have also had a chance to experiment with science-art collaborations.


PlastLIFE SIP (2023-2029)

Sense of Water (2022-2026)

Public Science (2021-2025)


Peltola T, Saarela S-R, Kotilainen J, Litmanen T, Lukkarinen J, Pölönen I, Ratamäki O, Saarikoski H, Salo M & Vikström S (2023) Researcher roles in  collaborative governance interventions. Science and Public Policy,

Peltola T & Ratamäki O (2023) Sharing epistemic power: digitally mediated wolf monitoring in Finland. Science as Culture,

Peltola T, Arpin I, Leino J, Peltonen L, Salmi P & Ratamäki O (2023) Management plans as resources in conservation conflicts. Environmental Policy and Governance 33(2), 206-218.

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I also work at the Finnish Environment Institute, Societal Change Unit


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