Senior Researcher

Researcher, plant ecology, environmental change

I am interested in the role of vegetation as ecosystem structure and influence of vegetation changes on ecosystem functions. Environmental change impacts vegetation, the change of which alters environment, and the role of ecosystem in the biosphere can be shifted. My main esearch focus is in northern mires - peat accumulating wetlands.

Contact info


Faculty of Science and Forestry, Department of Environmental and Biological Sciences




+358 50 442 3987


Teaching Activities

Field courses in botany and ecology, advanced courses in applied statistics and peatland ecology, lectures in various topics of ecology

Societal Activities

I participate in several working groups of conservation biology and natural resources use in Finland (Finnish Environmental Institute, Ministry of Environment) and internationally (IUCN)

Research groups and research projects

SHIFTMIRE – Academy of Finland 2017-2021

Shiftmire project explores changes of northern mires during past decades and as projected to near future. We focus on aapa mires (northern patterned fen complexes) but also study palsa mires and more generally the current state of peatlands in Finland. Aapa mires are northern fens with their southern distribution limit at ca. 1100 growing degree C temperature sum, the isocline of which lies about at Joensuu campus. This limit was delineated in 1960’s, however, and since then marked warming has taken place. We explore in a multidisciplinary approach if aapa mires are changing with the warming climate. Our proxies include time series of aerial images (from 1940’s) and satellite data (Landsat), hydrological and climate modeling, peat stratigraphies of macrofossils and hyperspectra, and of course vegetation mapping with repeated data.

LETTO-PUTTE – Ministry of Environment 2021-2022

In this project of the PUTTE-program (poorly known habitats and species) of Ministry of Environment we study vegetation types and species of rich fens (’letto’ in Finnish). These habitats are among the most threatened and have special biodiversity values. We collect all possible vegetation plot data that exists from Finnish rich fens and amend it in a field work campaign. The data base will enable revision of vegetation classification of rich fens and presentation of their distribution. We also produce information of rich-fen species occurrences with specific focus on poorly known molluscs and hepatics.

Sphagnum farming

New project (2021) is in start-up phase on a cultivation method of peat mosses based on experience with restoration of forestry-drained peatlands. This method could at least partly replace exploitative peat mining and moss harvesting in a restorative approach of paludiculture. Interested parties are encouraged to take contact!