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Tero  Karjalainen

Tero Karjalainen


UEF | The Centre for Continuous Learning

Centre for Continuous Learning | +358 40 355 2121

I am responsible for the administration and finances of the Center for Continuous Learning and report to the Academic Rector in accordance with the division of responsibilities between the principals. As a unit, we provide comprehensive lifelong learning services to our customers, partners and the university community. The cornerstones of our operations are the open university, in-service training, expert and development services and project activities that support these.

I’m experienced Board Member with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. Skilled in administration, management, leadership, medical physics, biomedical engineering, and teaching. Strong development oriented professional graduated from University of Eastern Finland with international experience. Strong background also in leading the volunteer organizations.

Positions of Trust

University of Eastern Finland

University Collegiate Body, chairperson 2018-2021, vice chairperson 2022-2025

Member of the Board 2004-2017 (2004-2009 University of Kuopio)

Finnish Union for University Researchers and Teachers

vice chairperson 2007-2008, 2019-2022


Finnish delegate 2008-2009



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