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Tuomo Alhojärvi

Postdoctoral Researcher

School of Humanities, Philosophical Faculty

I’m a geographer specialised in postcapitalist theory and practice. I work as a postdoctoral researcher in the Kone Foundation funded project “Post-ownership as an interpretation and experience of economic change” (09/2022-08/2025). My work centers on methods for sensing and making economies ‘otherwise’, and it builds upon feminist economic geographies, critical social and spatial theory, and participatory action methods.

I defended my PhD at the University of Oulu’s Geography Research Unit in the Spring 2021. My thesis For Postcapitalist Studies: Inheriting Futures of Space and Economy brings together the thought of feminist economic geographers J.K. Gibson-Graham and deconstructive philosopher Jacques Derrida to think through what we inherit in imagining and practicing postcapitalist futures. A central goal was to develop the self-critical capacities of postcapitalist thinking.

Presently (Autumn 2022), I work on developing postcapitalist cartographic methods, on theorizing translation as a postcapitalist site, and on grasping the abundant archives of organizing spaces and economies in ways other than through private ownership. I warmly welcome any and all collaborations on these themes.

I work as part of the Community Economies Research Network and as a member of the Community Economies Institute. I’m also member of the editorial committee of Tiede & edistys, a Finnish journal of critical social studies.


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