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Tuulikki  Halla

Tuulikki Halla

Project Researcher

Project Researcher

School of Forest Sciences, Faculty of Science, Forestry and Technology

I’m a doctoral researcher at the University of Eastern Finland’s School of Forest Sciences. In my research, I study human-forest relationships (HFRs) of Finnish forest professionals. I explore how their HFRs are formed; how these HFRs affect to their professional identity and manifest in forest-related conflicts.

I also work as a Project Researcher in Academy of Finland’s UNITE Flagship Programme , in which we are using game-based technologies to explore people’s experiences of different and differently managed forest environments.

I’m a board member in Human-Forest Relationship Research Club, the newly formed science club of the Finnish Society of Forest Science.


Apajalahti, E-L., Aula, I., Ek, T., Halla, T., Halonen, M., Houtbeckers, E., Kallio, E.K., Karhunkorva, R., Laine, J., Leiwo, L., Lummaa, K., Matilainen, A., Näyhä, A., Salmivuori, E., Seppä, T., Simkin J., Takala, T., 2022. Human Science Approaches and Parallel Future Pathways – A Review of Human-Forest Relationship Research (in Finnish). In: Paaskoski, L., Roiko-Jokela, H., Rikala, M. (eds.), Metsät ja tulevaisuus. Vuosilusto 14. Suomen Metsämuseo Lusto ja Metsähistorian Seura: Punkaharju, pp. 13-51.

Halla, T., Laine, J., 2022. To cut or not to cut – emotions and forest conflict in digital media. Journal of Rural Studies 94, 439–453.


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