University Lecturer

University lecturer on Animal Physiology

I work as a university lecturer in Faculty of Science and Forestry. My teaching is based on learner focused blended-learning (flipped classroom) and work-related methods (laboratory and project skills). My aim is to train the students to be able to use a large variety of teaching methods in their teaching careers and work related methods for students working in bio labs.
I have worked in four University supported teaching development projects and one continuous learning project. Year 2018 got the Good Teacher Award from the Biology Student Union and Excellent Teacher in Practice award from the University of Eastern Finland for developing innovative online-teaching.

Contact info


Faculty of Science and Forestry, Department of Environmental and Biological Sciences



+358 50 442 3227


Teaching Activities

Online/Blended learning courses on Cell biology, animal physiology and developmental biology in undergrad level. Online/Blended learning cources on Ecophysiology and Neurophysiology for master level students. Onsite teaching for master level students in faculty focusing on teaching.

Societal Activities

Curriculum for finnish high schools (LOPS 2021), Finnish national Agency of Education 2018-2019
Expertice group in Biology, Matriculation exam (Ylioppilastutkintolautakunta) 2019-
Development group for teacher eductation in UEF 2019-
Commitee for OPen education 2019-
Development group for Work-related education in Faculty of Science and Forestry 2018-
Committee for continuing learning in Faculty of Science and Forestry 2018-
Developing group for Student’s health care 2019-

Research groups - UEF