Minna Ruokonen

University Lecturer , Foreign Languages and Translation Studies


01.01.2016 -
The research group ProPSI (Professionalization of Public Service Interpreting in the Context of Migrant Integration Work) analyses the contradictions in interpreters’ occupational positions. It also examines interpreters’ professionality in interpreting encounters and in migrant integration proce...

Endocannabinoid system as a drug target - Savinainen

Bioactive lipids, such as eicosanoids, endocannabinoids and lysophospholipids are endogenous signaling molecules with wide spectrum of (patho)physiological functions in regulating cellular activity. Typically, these lipophilic messengers are produced "on demand" from cell membrane precursors and ...

Sustainable well-being

In this interdisciplinary research group we are interested in to study how sustainability and well-being can be combined in day-to-day life.

Real-world Evidence Team

01.08.2015 -
We are an interdisciplinary, externally funded research team based at the School of Pharmacy, led by professor Anna-Maija Tolppanen. Our interest is in the efficient utilization of real-world data for different purposes, including effectiveness of treatments, aetiological epidemiology as well as ...