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Marina  Kovalchuk

Marina Kovalchuk


Project research, Doctoral dissertation research

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marina.kovalchuk@uef.fi | 050 477 4158

050 4774158
050 477 4158
+358 50 477 4158
+35850 477 4158
050 4774 158
+358 50 4774 158
+35850 4774 158
+358 50 4774158
+35850 4774158

I am a researcher of the International Business and Sales Management research group whose ongoing Doctoral dissertation is dedicated to industrial brands and international B2B branding of SMEs. My sphere of interest is brands’ formation and development within the networks of industrial relationships spanning geographic and cultural borders.  I am doing studies on the topics of industrial brand personality, brand anthropomorphism, B2B strategic brand management and co-creation in branding.

Conference papers

Kovalchuk, M., Gabrielsson, M. & Fürst, A. 2021. What Makes a Strong Brand in International B2B Markets: Strategic Brand Management versus Co-Creation Viewpoint. Paper presented at the AMA Summer Conference, virtual, USA, 5 August.

Kovalchuk, M., Gabrielsson, M. & Rollins, M. 2019. Anthropomorphized Brand Role in International B2B Context. Paper presented at the 21st ANZMAC Conference, Wellington, New Zealand, 4 December.

Ingman, S., Kovalchuk, M. & Rindell, A. 2018. How are Brands Co-created? – A Literature Review. Paper presented at the 4th International Colloquium on Corporate Branding, Identity, Image and Reputation, Cetraro, Italy, 3 September.

Kovalchuk, M., Gabrielsson, M. & Rollins, M. 2016. Exploring the Moderating Effect of Co-Created Brand Personality in B2B Market. Paper presented at the AMA Summer Educators’ Conference, Atlanta, USA, 5 August.


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