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Moritz  Albrecht

Moritz Albrecht


Historia- ja maantieteiden laitos, Yhteiskuntatieteiden ja kauppatieteiden tiedekunta

moritz.albrecht@uef.fi | 050 337 1783

I am a human-geographer specialized on relational aspect of environmental and sustainability governance. My core expertise is to study socio-spatial processes of bio-based resource policy, management and local materialization to evaluate development frameworks, barriers and alternatives. I am experienced in research on policy mobility and translations in an EU context, case studies on regional and local development and policy materialization as well as sustainability perspectives in economic contexts.

My current research is focused on the socio-spatial processes and materialization of regenerative bioeconomy development with key attention to water based sectors, particularly seaweed farming but also recirculating aquaculture systems. Additionally, a side branch of my research interest deals with development in shrinking and peripheral localities in the North.

I am currently also acting as board member of the Finnisch Geographical Association (Suomen Maantieteen Seura) and the SOBIO network at UEF on social scientific biosociety focused research. I am further the coordinator of the Nord+ geographers Network GEONORDBALT on shrinking and peripheral locality development in the Baltics and Northern Europe.

Past projects:

– “Sustainability governance of BioAssemblages: A trifold perspective on bioeconomy clusters in the making” (2017-2019)
– Karelia CBC; WasteLess Karelias (Project coordinator) (2018-2022)

Previous research:
-EU bioenergy policy design and transformation between Brussels and local implementation
-Perspectives on sustainable forest certification in European supply chains
-Cross-border management of natural resources.


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