Payam  Ghaffarvand Mokari

Payam Ghaffarvand Mokari


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Filosofinen tiedekunta, Humanistinen osasto | 050 522 5109

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050 522 5109
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+35850 522 5109
050 5225 109
+358 50 5225 109
+35850 5225 109
+358 50 5225109
+35850 5225109

The broad area of my research interests includes phonetics and second-language speech acquisition. My doctoral research was on effects of cognitive abilities on second language speech learning. Started during my post-doc fellowship in Phonetics and Phonology group at University of Potsdam (Germany), a part of my research has been on understanding how vowels are processed in human mind and how vowels’ abstract phonological organisation relates to the continuous and variable phonetic signal.

I am aIso working on other research projects including an investigation of acoustic and linguistic correlates of L2 speech comprehensibility, acoustic parameters in the classification of fricative sounds, and acquisition of difficult non-native sounds by different L1 groups. I have also a longstanding interest in Azerbaijani Turkish phonetics and phonology.


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