Research in the Institute of Clinical Medicine

Institute of Clinical Medicine provides education and research in 21 academic subjets, which widely cover specialities of clinical medicine.

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Irene Karhunen

Financial Secretary , Talouspalvelut/TT lähipalvelut

Pain Neuromodulation Group

Chronic pain is common and confers a substantial burden on individuals, employers, healthcare systems and society in general. One in five Europeans are estimated to suffer from chronic pain – in Finland prevalence is 19-48%. Chronic pain is associated with much physical and psychological co-morbi...

Tarja Kokkola

Quality Coordinator , Kliinisen lääketieteen yksikkö

Sydänkirurgisen kuvantamisen tutkimusryhmä

Group leader
Marja Hedman
MD, PhD, Professor, Cardiologist

marja.hedman (at)
Heart Center, Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery and Clinical Imaging Center, Department of Clinical Radiology
Kuopio University Hospital, P.O. BOX 100, FIN-70029...

Molecular Pathology and Genetics of Cancer

We study the etiology and pathogenesis of malignant diseases with a special emphasis on the histopathologic, molecular pathologic and genetic/genomic factors. Profound collaboration between several research groups at the UEF and Kuopio University Hospital (KUH) as well as with our national and in...

Molecular Medicine

World leading laboratory in cardiovascular and malignant glioma gene therapy. Main focus of the research is on the development of new gene drugs, translational research and phase I/II human clinical trials.

Anu Ruusunen

University Lecturer , Kansanterveystieteen ja kliinisen ravitsemustieteen yksikkö

Clinical Research Centre - CRC

CRC focuses its clinical research on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention on nationally important chronic diseases, e.g. neurological diseases, diabetes, vascular diseases, obesity and diseases of bone and cartilage.

It works in close collaboration with the Kuopio University Hos...