Clinical Nutrition and Nutrition Therapy

Our research is based on randomized controlled dietary inervention studies examining the effects of nutrients, diet and lifestyle on metabolism and risk of non-communicable diseases. We concentrate on the health effects of the quality of dietary fat, dietary fiber and dietary patterns. Lately, we...


Data-based solutions for prevention of type 2 diabetes

Ruth Stephen

Postdoctoral Researcher , Kliinisen lääketieteen yksikkö

Redox signaling (Anna-Liisa Levonen group)

Nrf2 is a transcription factor mainly involved in combating cellular stress caused by reactive oxygen and nitrogen species. However, Nrf2 is also involved in cancer and cardiometabolic diseases, making it an essential drug target.

Anna Rosenberg

Senior Researcher , Kliinisen lääketieteen yksikkö

Brain Research Unit - Clinical Drug Research

Aivotutkimusyksikkö tekee korkeatasoista, kliinistä tutkimusta sekä lääketutkimusta ja yhteistyötä paikallisten, suomalaisten ja ulkomaisten tutkimusryhmien ja lääketeollisuuden kanssa.

Yksikön osaamisaluetta ovat erityisesti biomarkkeritutkimukset sekä neurodegeneratiivisten saira...

Cerebrovascular Disorders and Stroke Recovery

Our group has strong clinical and experimental expertise in stroke research from prevention and acute care to rehabilitation with the ultimate aims to develop safe and effective interventions to help stroke patients with disabilities.

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