Biomass Production


Part of the School of Forest Sciences, the Research Group of Biomass Production studies sustainable approaches to produce biomass for the growing bioeconomy. Intensive forestry and plantations have the potential to deliver large amounts of biomass as well as additional ecosystem services related to soil, water and biodiversity. At the same time, there are rising problems derived from the intensive exploitation of biomass resources. Risks, whether biotic, abiotic (fire, wind, erosion), or social (forest conflicts) affect the production of these biomass resources; governance and valorization of wood can be integrated in risk management strategies to address them.

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Ryhmän jäsenet - UEF

Muut ryhmän jäsenet

  • Ioannis Dimitriou
    Ioannis Dimitriou (Assoc Prof) Crop Production Ecology, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (Sweden)
  • José Ramón González-Olabarria
    José Ramón González-Olabarria (Sen Res) Precision Forestry, Forest Science and Technology Centre of Catalonia (Spain)
  • Carolina Martín
    Carolina Martín Assistant (Cartography and mapping)
  • Olalla Díaz-Yáñez
    Olalla Díaz-Yáñez (Res) Dep. of Environmental Systems Science, ETH Zurich (Switzerland)