Biosignal Analysis and Medical Imaging research group (BSAMIG)

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HUMEA Laboratory, ECG signal analysis, EMG signal analysis, biomechanical motion analysis, ergo-spirometry, measurements for exercise medicine, robotics in neurological rehabilitation, motion analysis using wearable sensors, virtual reality in rehabilitation, driving simulator for measuring biosignals during driving.

Researchers of BSAMIG are mainly focused on applications of biosignal and motion analysis.
HUMEA Laboratory developed in BSAMIG enables motion analysis and measurement of various biosignals. Methods to collect and analyse data both in-lab and in-field are utilized.
In addition to measurement and analysis, development of methods for robot-assisted neurological rehabilitation is a focus area of the group. Robot-assisted methods for navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation are also developed. More info about HUMEA Laboratory:


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Lukuisia rahoituskanavia: Suomen akatemia, Pohjois-Savon liitto, Business Finland, Euroopan kommissio, säätiöt, Itä-Suomen yliopisto, tilaustutkimukset

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Department of Applied Physics, Faculty of Science and Forestry

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Introducing image of the groupBiosignal Analysis and Medical Imaging research group (BSAMIG)

A picture of biomechanical analysis of dance, done at HUMEA laboratory

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