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Cell and Tissue Imaging Unit

01.01.2018 - 31.12.2029
Institute of Biomedicine, School of Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences

Our imaging core facility provides the instruments to image biological processes from tissues to single cells and subcellular molecular kinetics with both conventional and high-throughput methods.


Contact persons

Available is Zeiss LSM 700 and LSM 800 Airyscan confocal microscopes, ISS M612 TCSPC/FLIM confocal microscope, IncuCyte S3 high-throughput imaging system, Leica THUNDER Imager 3D Tissue slide scanner, Novocyte Quanteon flow cytometer, Olympus IX71 fluorescence microscope and an image processing computer.

Institute of Biomedicine
Confocal microscopes, TCSPC/FLIM microscope and slide scanner are located in Snellmania Building, 3rd floor, room Sn 3151.
IncuCyte S3 imaging platform is located in Snellmania Building, 3rd floor, room Sn 3182/2.
Histology laboratory is located in Snellmania Building, 3rd floor, room Sn 3245.
Novocyte Quanteon is located in Canthia Building, 4th floor, room 4044/1.

Janne Capra (Core Manager), janne.capra(at), p. 050-5165268, room Sn 3209.
Sylvain Tollis (Quantitative Spectroscopy Expert), sylvain.tollis (at), p. 029 4454874, room Sn 3230
Eija Rahunen (Histology Laboratory), eija.rahunen (at), p. 044-716 3023, room Sn 3245.
Kirsi Ketola (Director of the Unit), kirsi.ketola (at), p. 050-3299984, room Sn 3210.


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