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Developing international bioeconomy competence in Eastern Finland  by working life oriented continuous learning (Join-bioerko)´s Profile image

Developing international bioeconomy competence in Eastern Finland by working life oriented continuous learning (Join-bioerko)

Finished 01.08.2020 - 31.12.2022
School of Forest Sciences, Faculty of Science, Forestry and Technology
Department of Technical Physics, Faculty of Science, Forestry and Technology


Main funder

The project was funded by European Social Fund (ESF). The project were implemented by University of Eastern Finland (coordinator), Savonia University of Applied Sciences and Karelia University of Applied Sciences.

This project aims to improve the offerings of the universities in continuous learning in the growing bioeconomy sector and to develop working life orientation of the education, both pedagogically and in terms of substance. The main objectives are: to develop training in Bioeconomy specialization studies and other forms of continuous learning for the needs of the region’s working life: Creation and facilitation of a development network in bioeconomy (Bioneer) and linking of this network with existing clusters and education and training: increasing the internationalization of education and business cooperation through piloting of educations for export in the bioeconomy and continuous learning.
During the project, a new curriculum for Bioeconomy specialization studies will be introduced and piloted. In addition, other forms of continuous learning studies will be designed and piloted, in order to better tailor the studies and to improve the readiness to provide advanced training through university collaboration. In addition, the project will develop an operating model for building a mentor network and a challenge bank, as well as clarifying the prerequisites and boundary conditions for continuing operations. In connection with this, for example, hackathon or round table events will be organized to spar and develop ideas, and a commitment and reward model will be developed, for example, for mentoring. The international impact is mainly achieved through piloting of education export. Various forms of cooperation are piloted for one or more locations (South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Nordic countries). Bioeconomy specialisation studies are closely linked to the R&D&I work with companies, which is carried out to develop innovation ecosystems in Eastern Finland. In Northern Savo, bioeconomy is one of the eight R&D&I focus areas and forest bioeconomy is a strong cluster in Northern Karelia. Education strengthens the development of local and national bioeconomy clusters, which in turn improves the integration for example in EU Horizon projects.
As a result, the Bioeconomy specialization studies implemented jointly by UEF, Karelia and Savonia will evolve and better meet the needs of working life. The brand of higher education in bioeconomy in Eastern Finland develops and encompasses the provision of continuous learning beyond specialization training. The region has a well-developed network supporting bioeconomy education and R&D. Mentoring in this network works, for example, as a means of communication between universities and business. As a result of piloting of education export, the most attractive export products for the bioeconomy are identified and an operating model for collecting feedback of education exports is created.