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Developing international web-based teaching

Finished 01.01.2022 - 31.12.2022
School of Educational Sciences and Psychology, Philosophical Faculty

University of Eastern Finland - Development funding for teaching


This project aimed to develop university pedagogies based on the pedagogical models of project-based learning and service-learning. The models were used to develop blended and web-based teaching strategies with a focus on the requirements of the international bachelor’s degree program; Lifelong Learning and Sustainable Development, which began in autumn 2022. These models make it feasible to deliver high-quality blended and web-based teaching, supporting students’ learning regardless of time and place. Particularly, project-based learning teaching methods integrate international education and international development projects into a larger learning environment, highlighting the collaboration between students, teachers, and development project representatives. The models also enable to support the formation of generic skills, working life skills and work-life connections in one’s particular field, which supports the employment of international students to the Finnish labour market. Additionally, it was goaled to develop the university’s workplace culture to support the internationalization of learning and teaching.


Overall, project-based learning and service-learning models increase the working life relevance off studies. The teaching methods based on these models make studies more enjoyable, enhance student learning outcomes, and facilitate the integration of theory to practise. The methods can also be used to acquire specialized skills in one’s area of expertise, supporting the student’s employment and enhancing their working life orientation. Additionally, the methods clarify the employment opportunities for generalist students who are likely to be employed to the field of network and project work.


The project succeeded in creating practical development work in line with the project goals. The project made it possible to develop university pedagogical web-based teaching in the basic studies of the international bachelor’s program. The learning tasks and study methods of the courses were modified through project-based learning and service-learning models, and the research assistants organized support meetings for the online courses as hybrid teaching. English instructions and course materials for the courses were developed (e.g., by adding contents that promote active citizenship) to meet the needs of the target group. Moreover, we started planning research as part of the project work and collected feedback from students who participated in the project-based learning and service-learning study methods.


The teaching development funding for 2022 and the development of the models enabled planning, funding application and implementation of new international research and development projects. The successful development work clarified future development needs and made it possible to apply for further funding for 2023.