Effectiveness of cancer diagnostic and therapy, attitudes of patients and physicians, and how patients socioeconomical status interferes these aspects

Research group

This is a new research project, which will be performed in collaboration with other Finnish hospitals and currently we are negotiating of collaboration with The National cancer centre.

The aim of this project is to find if there are delays in the diagnostics and treatment initiation of major cancer types and how these delays interfere with treatment outcome. Also, we are going to study how these are associated with the patient, and patient’s socioeconomical status and how these are explained by issues in health care system. We are also going to study real life treatment decisions, are they made according to current guidelines and do patients not fulfilling clinical trial inclusion criteria’s also benefit from the therapies given.

The project will be started gradually. We have data collected regarding delays in lymphoma diagnostics and data concerning lung cancer in under collection. At the moment there are two professors, one docent, two post doc researches and three doctoral students working in this project. In next few years this project will be further expanded f.e. to health economics.

Group members - UEF