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FINSCI, Fostering Finnish Science Capital

01.11.2022 - 31.07.2026
School of Applied Educational Science and Teacher Education, Philosophical Faculty

Finnish Science Capital

The aim of the FINSCI research consortium is to clarify the Finnish science capital, which means how people understand science, what they know about it and how they think about science. Science capital is also related to job aspirations and social networks. Science capital is built everywhere and for young learners it develops often at home and at school. In the research project, in work package 4 we clarify the parents’ (N= 700) and children’s (N =160) science capital and how it can be developed at home and at school. The study is implemented as intervention study with the children. Parents’ and children’s science capital are gathered by questionnaire. During the intervention, the children’s emotions towards the lessons and their decision-making processes are gathered using paper-pencil tasks and discussions recorded during the school lessons. Based on the interventions, the work package develops pedagogical material for teachers use. The interventions will be organized in two municipalities during the spring (March-April) 2022 and in South-west part of Finland in Fall 2022.